How it works

Wallet setup

Wallet setup

To purchase an NFT you will need a Crypto Wallet (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet etc). You can create a new wallet or use an existing one to securely store your tokens

Discover NFT

Discover NFT

You can browse several artworks choosing from different collections inspired by historical periods. You can also create your favorites list or directly buy your token of choice.



Once you chose your NFT, you can purchase it using Ethereum. You will need to connect your wallet to the marketplace and confirm the transaction to receive your NFT into your wallet.


Yes, you should have the ETH amount required, to buy the NFT and to pay the gas fee, inside the wallet you wish to use.

To purchase an NFT you’ll need a wallet (es. Metamask, Coinbase, etc.) and the required amount of cryptocurrency.

You can buy them directly from your wallet, via the providers enabled by the specific wallet you chose to use.

Import your NFT into your wallet by following the instructions of your wallet provider.

You will be able to trade the NFTs on the secondary market of Opensea.

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